Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024


Every user wants to use a portal where everything should be included for daily necessity, umeedwar.com portal has been developed for the same users.

Umeedwar.com is targeting that audience who wants to do business marketing, long URLs converted into short URLs "custom URL" which can help for marketing purpose, daily updates news for Internationally or Pakistani NEWS, Pakistani people can search the prize bond or can add the prize bond number to avoid to search every time, cricket fans can connect with the live scorecard, worldwide currency calculator is available, international gold rate is available, worldwide weather updates are available, muslims can read/recite Quran in Arabic and translation is also available in Urdu and English, worldwide prayer/namaz timings are available and you can search prayer/namaz timings schedule as well, if you want to sell or purchase or for promoting business classified ads are available, jobs posting is available, and umeedwar.com portal also includes those things which are necessary for the people on daily basis.

Umeedwar.com is not targeting of any age because this portal is for everyone like professionals, youngster, parents and for every family member. Umeedwar.com is trying and giving best efforts in which people have an interest like we said we are not targeting of any age and this portal is for everyone.

Umeedwar.com is welcoming to every user or visitor and consider you as a part of umeedwar.com family member, If someone thinks or someone feels that umeedwar.com should include any feature which people have an interest or want to share any comments then please contact us or WhatsApp (+92)345-3141079 directly. We will go through and work on your suggestion if your suggestion will be acceptable.

Members of Umeedwar.com

Founder/Marketing Manager: Adil Anwar Butt

Founder/Technical Head: Nabeel Anwar Butt