Saturday, May 18, 2024

Prayer Timings

Muslims pray 5 times a day, and they must follow the below conditions:

Muslim should have physical and spiritual cleanliness before to stand in front of Allah. So, praying five times a day bounds Muslims to take a bath regularly, wash the face and hands at least five times a day. Muslims, all, should pray in the same manner, facing the same direction, no matter what their social position is, and what language they speak. This is the sign for Muslims that all human beings are the same for each other and the same as for Allah. Moreover, all the identical acts and words during prayer and positioning in the same direction, are the practices of promoting solidarity among Muslims, especially when repeated at some times every day.

How Prayer Timings work?

Prayer(Namaz) timings work globally around the world and monthly schedule.
"Today's Prayer(Namaz) Timings according to" shows you the prayer timings in city and country you are living, it will show you automatically. But if you are willing to check the monthly prayer timings schedule for any country and city then you search below by the help of "city name, country name, month and year" and you can check the whole month schedule of prayer.
Umeedwar is showing the timings of Fajr, Imsak(stopping eating and drinking), Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib, Isha and Midnight.

Today's Prayer Timings according to New_york, United States:

Gregorian Date:  18-May-2024
Day:  18
Weekday:  Saturday

Fajr:  4:41 am
Sunrise:  6:10 am
Dhuhr:  1:24 pm
Asr:  5:19 pm
Sunset:  8:39 pm
Maghrib:  8:39 pm
Isha:  10:09 pm
Imsak:  4:31 am
Midnight:  1:25 am
Firstthird:  11:49 pm
Lastthird:  3:00 am

Monthly Prayer Timings Schedule: